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SISTER Worldwide

Virtual, global, decentralized electronic music collective

My work with SISTER has consisted of art direction, identity design, community management and outreach, press coordination; as well as event organization in collaboration with other members.

SISTER is a virtual, international and decentralized collective of over 2,000 women and gender non-conforming electronic music enthusiasts working to remedy inequality in our field. We collaborate with the intention of solidifying and empowering a strong network of creators across the globe.

Founded in October 2015, the collective exists primarily as a vibrant private Facebook community which has rapidly grown to include journalists, publicists, label owners, event promoters, audio engineers, graphic designers, radio hosts, and many others in the electronic music industry. SISTER also takes form as a Soundcloud mix series, digital compilation, and events around the world including New York, Los Angeles, Berlin, and Monterrey, Mexico.


We are producers, DJs, producers, audio engineers, journalists, sound artists, bookers, promoters, designers and label owners; beginners and professionals. We are breaking down the inequality that plagues our electronic music scenes and spaces.
We are shaping the sounds and culture of the future.

We are SISTERs.