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Ethereal Beatbox

Bowery Hotline vs Metropol, Split 2 EP

Rhythms you’ve only dreamt of, pulsating in the negative space between dawn and sleep paralysis.

Ethereal Beatbox is a Brooklyn-based record label and radio show, focusing on the  genre-defying, psychedelic-infused side of electronic music, with a nod to the spiritual ethose of early rave culture. I developed their logo and identity design, as well as provided art direction, printmaking, and design for their first two vinyl releases.

For the Split EP (RLBEAT_02), I created the label artwork for the 12" vinyl pressing, a futuristic illustration based on the Ethereal Beatbox logo character: a disembodied cybertronic head designed to transform depending on the theme of the release. The Split EP version was transformed with an entheogenic, New York bent in mind.

This release was also packaged with a limited-run 'zine consisting of writing, reviews, text and photography from artists on the Ethereal Beatbox label, edited by label head S.Knoll, and designed by myself — view the zine here.

Art Direction
Editorial Design